OU-JLIC has been present in Binghamton for four years, providing students with the infrastructures they need to successfully continue with their Orthodox lifestyles.


The OSH is a subgroup of Hillel who strive to provide the Orthodox students in Hillel with opportunities for leadership. They give an open platform for students to grow in their Torah learning, tefillah, and to be a part of a flourishing Jewish community.

Find out more about The OSH at their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/orthodoxstudentsofhillel/


Hillel at Binghamton provides a pluralistic environment where Jewish students from all backgrounds can explore, celebrate, travel, learn, volunteer, and grow.

As one of the most active student organization on campus, Hillel at Binghamton provides a wide array of social, cultural, educational, and religious programming to the 4,000 Jewish students at Binghamton University. Whether your passion is volunteering, traveling, exploring your future career, celebrating Shabbat and holidays, listening to Israeli music, or hanging out with friends, Hillel has something for you.

We take great pride in the social, spiritual and intellectual growth that students realize during their time spent with Hillel. And thanks to the countless events we host throughout the year, you have ample opportunities to explore Judaism and connect with a friendly, diverse group of people. We encourage you to learn more and discover how Hillel can impact your life.


Shabbat is the most special time of the week for Jewish students on campus, with a jam-packed schedule of opportunities.

Kabbalat Shabbat (a.k.a KabShab) in the University Union is followed by free Hillel Dinner in C4. Shabbat morning OU-JLIC minyan is followed by kiddush. OU-JLIC provides an open Shabbat lunch once a month and on Holidays, and lunch by invite for 10-20 students per Shabbat. There are similar lunches hosted by Chabad and Meor as well as a free Shabbat lunch in the Hillel lounge. OU JLIC also provides an open seudah shelishit once a month followed by Maariv and Havdallah, and there are similar seuda shelishit options hosted by Chabad and Meor as well as one in the Hillel lounge an hour before the end of Shabbat.


Each on-campus dining hall features a Kosher Korner serving freshly packaged sandwiches and salads that can be purchased on the regular university meal plan. In addition there is a Kosher Kitchen located in the C4 Dining Hall, which is a full-service section of the dining facility. With the monumental rise in numbers of students who eat strictly Kosher, the C4 dining hall became OU Kosher 2 years age with a full time OU Mashgiach.The Kosher Kitchen is open six days a week and is closed on Saturdays. For more information, visit Sodexo’s website, the university’s food provider.

Housing at Binghamton

While only first years are required to dorm, Orthodox students live both on-campus and in off-campus buildings near the university. On-campus, most students live in the Dickinson or Newing communities, which surround the Kosher Dining hall, C4, and the university gives out Shabbat keys upon request. Off-campus, students options are Hayes (15 minute walk from campus) and Uclub (20 minutes).