Jewish Life

There are about 3,500 Jews on campus. This is approximately 30% of the Binghamton student population (and the highest percentage of Jews in any public university in the US!). There are three student groups that represent the major movements in Judaism: Reform Jews of Hillel (RJH) RJH works to connect all Reform Jews on campus. Reform services are student lead every Friday night in the Hillel lounge. KOACH is Hillel’s Conservative group on campus. KOACH has Shabbat services every Friday night and Saturday morning services two times per month. OU-JLIC is Hillel’s Orthodox group on campus, Orthodox services are held at Hillel.

Kosher food

Each on-campus dining hall features a Kosher Korner serving freshly packaged sandwiches and salads that can be purchased on the regular university meal plan. In addition there is a Kosher Kitchen located in the C4 Dining Hall, which is a full-service section of the dining facility that serves glatt kosher food for each meal – breakfast and lunch are dairy meals and dinner is meat. The Kosher Kitchen is open six days a week and is closed on Saturdays. For more information, visit Sodexo’s website, the university’s food provider.

Binghamton Hillel

Hillel at Binghamton provides a pluralistic environment where Jewish students from all backgrounds can explore, celebrate, travel, learn, volunteer, and grow.

As one of the most active student organization on campus, Hillel at Binghamton provides a wide array of social, cultural, educational, and religious programming to the 3,000 Jewish students at Binghamton University. Whether your passion is volunteering, traveling, exploring your future career, celebrating Shabbat and holidays, listening to Israeli music, or hanging out with friends, Hillel has something for you.

We take great pride in the social, spiritual and intellectual growth that students realize during their time spent with Hillel. And thanks to the countless events we host throughout the year, you have ample opportunities to explore Judaism and connect with a friendly, diverse group of people. We encourage you to learn more and discover how Hillel can impact your life.


Our Shabbat dinner begins with a communal singing of Shalom Aleichem followed by traditional hand-washing and blessings over the wine and challah. Select students share insightful stories and words of wisdom prior to meal.